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No-Idle, Engine Off - Stand Alone, Auxiliary Power Units for Air Conditioning Systems on Commercial Diesel Trucks.
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Cutting down on idle time has been a goal of Truck fleet mangers for some time.
Now with anti-idling regulations in several states and municipalities, finding a way to get drivers to turn the truck off when stopped is a key objective.

 California Idling Laws , for instance, prohibits commercial trucks of more than 10,000 pounds GVW from idling for more than five minutes within the state's borders. And a push by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to decrease truck idling
Fines for violating this rule start at $300 and can be as much as $1,000 per day.

It seems simple on the face of it. Reducing idle time saves fuel, saves on preventive maintenance and can prevent fines.
But cutting idle time is tougher than one would think, because drivers have to go along with the solutions.

 And drivers are unlikely to do so unless there is some alternative way they can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer with auxiliary power units while they are stopped in their trucks with reliable products.

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