Mobile Diesel Air Conditioning Service And Repair


R & M Diesel for Arkansas mobile air conditioning service for commercial, fleets, farm and heavy equipment.

Our Mobile Diesel Air Conditioning Service / Repair provides service and parts for all Diesel Air Conditioning systems.
R and M  Mobile brings out a complete professional air conditioning recharge / diagnostic station to your job location this includes Farms and Ranches to service your Farm Tractors.

R and M  test for leaks on all recharge jobs before we add refrigerant to your system.
Vacuum Testing makes sure your A/C system is leak free, also it flashes unwanted moisture out of your AC system.

Whenever we change any components in your system, we always flush debris and contaminants out prior to adding new parts.

A Lot of newer diesel truck air conditioning systems communicate via an ECM.
Some systems are no longer isolated and separate from the rest of the Electronics.  The benefit is by incorporating electronics into the mix, newer fuel saving strategies are involved.

No-Idle,  Engine Off - Stand Alone,  Aux Power units for Air Conditioning Systems on Commercial Diesel Trucks.

New environmental friendly refrigerants and mobile air conditioning systems are being developed.
See:  NU-R22bHFO-1234yf  ; Carbon Dioxide (R744)

What vent temperatures should you expect from your truck Air Conditioning?

Out Side Temp Center vent temp
60 Degrees 44 - 46 Degrees
70 Degrees 46 - 48 Degrees
80 Degrees 48 - 50 Degrees
90 Degrees 50 - 56 Degrees
100 Degrees 56 - 62 Degrees

We service John Deere and other makes of tractors Air Conditioning Systems at our location or yours!

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